Australian athletic performance clothing maker 776BC has been producing compression clothing for some time, but this week it stepped up its game with the launch of its latest range, called Motion.

The company name, 776BC, is taken from the year the first ancient Olympic Games were held, and with Motion clothing 776BC wants to help athletes get faster, stronger, and higher.

776BC Motion isn’t compression clothing, instead it is clothing made to provide precise measurement and biometric analysis to improve athletic performance. It’s a system that takes this sort of analysis out of its regular lab environment, and puts in right there on the field, in the gym, on the river, and so on, right where the training, action, and performance happens.

Apart from the company logo on the clothing, no marking, no line, no dash, no circle, is there for aesthetics.

“Unlike every other piece of sports clothing available in the market today, every line and marker, every piece of visual design, is there for a purpose, says Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, co-founder of 776BC, and a two-time Olympian and Beijing silver medallist. Motion is not just clothing, it’s equipment which has clear performance benefits for athletes and coaches alike.”

“Motion focuses attention on the key points on the body that inform correct technique, form and function. For the individual this means higher quality movement, while coaches are able to identify how well their athletes are performing a task in real-time without a screen. Not only that, Motion offers a clean, simple to understand solution to movement analysis, which can be easily understood by individuals and teams at all levels of sport.”

Motion: there’s an app for that

In combination with a companion (iOS) Motion app, coaching staff can work with athletes to correct technique and improve performance.

The Motion app can take live video of athletes in the clothing, and use the footage to provide analysis, through use of side-by-side comparison, slow motion, and frame-by-frame review.

Coaching staff can also annotate the footage with the app’s Draw and Notes function. This could be notes, lines to indicate optimum technique, or to measure angles.

776BC Motion in action

Where to buy 776BC Motion clothing

The Motion range is on sale now, and is available on the 776BC website, with prices ranging from $100 to $120. View the range, and the prices, at 776BC Motion online men’s store, and women’s store.

776BC already supplies clothing to athletic programs at Harvard, Princeton, Cornell and North Eastern, and is now discussing the supply of the Motion range with a number of universities. Interested buyers can also discuss changing the color of the markings on the clothes, to incorporate club colors.

Want to know more about the science behind the clothing? Download the 776BC Motion White Paper.

776BC Motion clothing image gallery

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