Both adidas and Nike have been making noises to be involved in the first sub-2 hour marathon, and the adidas adizero Sub2 running shoes are adidas’ current weapon in this race to a time milestone.

The current marathon record was established in the 2014 Berlin Marathon, by Kenyan runner Dennis Kimetto. That record time was 02:02:57.

What has adidas done with this shoe to help the sub 2-hour cause? For one, it has come up with an overall weight reduction of 3.5 ounces (100 grams). This is partly due to the use new materials. For one the first use of Boost Light foam, the company’s lightest yet foam. It’s lighter than adidas’ Boost material, but retains its energy return properties.

Advances in adidas’ Microfit webbing has also resulted in weight reduction, and the upper consists of only a single layer of this material. And to make every step count, with more grip and less slip, the Continental Microweb outsole gets it done.

adidas has been testing prototypes of the shoe with several elite athletes, but first to wear the adidas adizero Sub2 in a race will be Kenyan runner Wilson Kipsang in the Tokyo Marathon this weekend (26 February 2017). He owns the only pair of adidas adizero Sub2 shoes, in the Energy Blue colorway (pictured).

“adidas’ adizero Sub2 is a significant milestone in the brand’s Sub2 program and central to the future of adidas running,” said André Maestrini, Global General Manager, adidas Running.

“Around the London Marathon in 2012, we started thinking about Sub2 as a concept and adidas’ role in achieving what was deemed impossible. We began creating a shoe that could enable this, and Wilson is the perfect athlete to test our innovation in a race environment.”

When will the adidas adizero Sub2 be available to buy?

The adidas adizero Sub2 running shoes will go on sale to the public “later in 2017.”

adidas adizero Sub2 marathon shoes closeup

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