adidas has released a teaser video (watch above) of a new fitness app, called All Day. The app will offer tips and information across four key areas:

  • Movement: Core to health, strength and well-being
  • Nutrition: The fuel needed to thrive
  • Mindset: Staying centered and focused on the day’s goals
  • Rest: Taking the time to recharge body and mind

At launch there will be healthy eating tips from chef Candice Kumai, workouts from yoga teacher Adriene Mishler and personal trainer Stephen Cheuk, and a mix of music to help you sleep from DJ Nina Las Vegas.

In addition to specialist, targeted advice and tips, adidas has taken an open source approach to collating information for the app. The All Day app will also roll in data and insights from organisations such as the American College of Sports Medicine and human performance company, EXOS.

“adidas All Day will initially focus on the female athlete who seeks variety and likes to try new things to challenge and inspire herself to be better every day. With an experience powered by rich scientific insight, the app makes fit living more approachable while still keeping it fun,” said Stacey Burr, VP and General Manager – adidas Digital Sports.

Is there also a new adidas fitness tracker on the way?

Not spoken off in the press kit for the All Day app is a new fitness tracker device, but one of the images provided did contain a mysterious wrist-worn device.

Wareable writes that it has a source confirming the upcoming device, thought to be called the adidas Chameleon.

Here’s the image:

adidas Chameleon fitness tracker

And the fitness tracker in closeup…

adidas Chameleon fitness tracker closeup

Signup for the adidas All Day app

adidas has set up a signup page for the All Day app, where interested people will be amongst the first to download the app.

The All Day app is set for a summer release. The adidas Chameleon fitness tracker? Watch this space!

Play the video at the top of this page for a sneak preview of the adidas All Day app.

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