Out soon from Cobra is its first connected golf clubs, incorporating a ultralight, Arccos sensor in the grip of the clubs.

Initially the sensor will be built into Cobra’s King F7+, King F7 and King Ltd Black drivers. Owners can then pair their driver to a smartphone app, and not only see the data on their drives, but also yardage information on more than 20,000 golf courses in the USA, Canada, and UK.

Golfers equipped with these Cobra drivers will also have access to golf tip videos, featuring Cobra coaches, and a few of the Cobra-using PGA Tour pros.

How does it work?

As mentioned, you pair the club to your phone. The sensor will then pick up on the swing of the club, the sound of the shot via the phone’s microphone, and the use of the phone’s GPS.

Sounds easy, right? But there is a bit of trickiness involved in getting all of this to work. Your phone must be in close proximity to the club as you hit the ball in order to provide accurate data. Cobra and Arccos recommend that the phones is best placed in your front pocket.

You’ll also want to ensure that your phone remains charged for your entire round. If your phone does run out of juice no data will be recorded after that, but it will retain the data recorded while there was a charge.

Oh, one more bit of trickiness. Right now, the Cobra Connect will only pair with iPhones, specifically the iPhone 5 and later, running iOS 9 and later.

Cobra Connect… it remembers

Your history of hits will also be retained, and the app will provide a ‘Smart Distance.’ Based on the course you’re playing, and the hole, the sensor will provide an:

“… estimation of your expected distance with a particular club on a well struck shot. It is based on your historical data and excludes mishits and abnormally long shots (e.g. off the cart path). Similarly, “Smart Range” is Arccos’s estimation of the expected distance range a player might expect to achieve with a particular club on a well struck shot, excluding mishits and abnormally long shots.”

So, you know, no pressure on that next drive of yours…


The King Ltd Black driver equipped with Cobra Connect will be in stores on 18 November 2016. The King F7+ and King F7 drivers will go on sale on 17 January 2017.

The Cobra King Ltd Black Driver is now available to buy online.

To buy any any more of the Cobra Golf range, visit the Cobra Golf store on Amazon.

Cobra F7 drivers

Using Cobra Connect


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