Having trouble reading the greens during your rounds of golf? The DT Smart Putter might help you out.

Built into the putter head is a spirit level, giving players an indication of the slope of the green.

“When I went to read up on how to improve my putting, I realized there was really no affordable tool out there that was really helpful,” says inventor Dmitriy Advolodkin, a keen golfer from Maryland.

“That led me to create the first prototype of the DT putter, which worked really well. Now, I can read the slopes really well without using the training aid, which is something I believe most golfers will discover after practicing their putting with it.”

Sounds like a good idea, yes? Sounds like it might not be a legal golf club in competition? Also yes. The DT Smart Putter is for practice only.

Originally funded using Kickstarter, the DT Smart Putter is now more widely available. If you think it could help lower your score, then you can buy a DT Smart Putter on Amazon now, for $149.95 + shipping.

Please note, this putter is only available as a right-hand club right now.

DT Smart Putter, underside view

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