The Nike HyperAdapt 1.o is a hell of a running shoe, selling for the not inconsiderable price of just over $700. So most people that buy them aren’t going to tear them apart to see what makes them tick. The boffins at Mindtribe however, aren’t most people.

In its article Nike HyperAdapt Teardown: The Future is Now (in pieces, on our workbench), Mind Tribe has taken inquisitive minds, a knife, and some audio software, to a perfectly good pair of HyperAdapts all for the purpose of, ‘How does that work?’

For all the findings and images, be sure to go read the article linked above. Overall the Nike HyperAdapt is seen as a very good attempt at a first-gen product. More intriguing is what Mindtribe found in the circuitry that isn’t being used yet, a pointer to what else Nike has in mind for this product line.

Nice job Mindtribe!


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