The Polar sports watch range is soon to have a new member, with the Polar M430 watch announced this week.

Just as with the recently released Polar M200, the M430 has on-board heart rate sensors, GPS, along with Smart Coaching and the Polar Running Program, both helping you improve your training and recovery.

“With a simple and intuitive process, Running Program helps to improve running performance and results for a specific event,” says Dr. Raija Laukkanen, Director of Science Collaborations at Polar. “The program will also inform runners how long they’ll need to recover during training and after the event, and can even be applied to broader fitness programs, such as getting in shape for the upcoming summer months.”

Polar running program screenshot

A screenshot of the Polar Running Program

The Polar M430 weighs 1.8 ounces (51 grams), is 0.47 inches (12mm thick), with x 128 x 128 pixel screen. The battery is a rechargeable 240 mAh lithium polymer, providing around 8 hours of use on a full charge while using heart rate measurement and GPS. The watch offers a few power management modes to obtain a longer battery life per charge.

Polar M430 running watch orange heart rate sensor

“There are plenty of products that track heart rate or GPS metrics, but Polar M430 is the best for three key reasons,” says Tom Fowler, President of Polar U.S.A. “First, we’ve put 40 years of experience, research and development into creating the most accurate technology in the market. If you care about accuracy, and you should, the M430 really stands out.

“Second, we’ve leapt beyond simple delivery of ‘dumb data’ that has defined the sports watch category for years. Polar M430 tracks your biometrics and delivers a real-time view into how your body is reacting to exercise. Now, during a session you’ll know if you’re on target to accomplish the training goal of the day.”

“Third, Polar M430 and Polar Flow tell you how the session benefitted your overall training, how it translates into expected race finish times, and how much time you’ll need to recover. This unique portfolio of capabilities distinguishes the M430 in the sports watch category.”

Polar M430 price and availability

The Polar M430 sports watch is due in stores in may, and will sell for $229. Colors on offer will be dark grey, white, and orange.

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