The French high-end health gadget maker Withings was acquired by Nokia in April 2016. In summer 2017 the ownership will become more apparent to consumers, when Withings products will be rebranded as Nokia.

In addition to the Nokia name being carried on scales, fitness trackers, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and home cameras, the company’s will be pushing through an upgrade on its Health Mate application.

Health Mate acts as a collator of all the data emanating from the brand’s health devices, putting it in the one place to provide an overview of your activities and health. The new app is said to be more user-friendly, making it easier to add new devices, and to share information with your family members. Training goals and programs will also be in-built into Health Mate.

Sharing with family members is handy, but a more significant update will be the Nokia HIPAA-compliant Patient Care Platform. This will enable device owners to have their progress checked remotely by healthcare professionals. The program has already been tested by the UK’s National Health Service, in a 69,000 person study to use remote monitoring to reduce hypertension in patients.

The upgraded Health Mate application will happen at the same time as the Nokia rebrand.

“Nokia is a powerful global brand that is synonymous with innovation, connectivity and great design,” said Cedric Hutchings, VP of Digital Health, Nokia. “Withings joined Nokia because we share a vision to inspire individuals to take control of their own health. With the full power of a brand recognized for trust, reliability and quality, we will reach more people and impact more lives to help the human family be healthier together.”

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